Amatorski is releasing a remix album and needs artwork.

A nice initiative from amatorski, who are going to release a remix album of their magnificent album ’tbc’ (which can be bought pretty cheap at bandcamp ). They are asking to ‘remix’ their cover for this new album.

 We are happy to announce the release of a remix album, one year after the release of our album ’tbc’.

Quite soon after our album came out, a couple of artists and friends asked if they could make a remix of one of the tbc songs. We were really flabbergasted by the quality of the remixes and decided to make a complete remix album. Every track from the original album has been reworked.

We thought it would be a good idea to also have the original artwork remixed for the new release. Therefore, we decided to organise an artwork contest.

 Let’s see what I can can come up with… Deadline is may 11th.

via: Remix artwork contest – Amatorski.